Studio Lighting

Forewarning, all these photos were just experiments, and they all failed.  In hindsight, they were terrible ideas as well in my opinion.



My goal with this shot was to see what the reflection from the light ten would look like.  My imagination did not show through into reality, rather all that happened was a sacrifice of a shot that could have potentially been nice for a shot that just simply looked stupid.  In fact, I also should have acted with more thought because I had an intention of using the silver inside the light tent, but did not actually take off the white sheet that would lead me to that option.  It is interesting to note, though, how the light tent scatters light in the unedited version.


This was in the same exact situation.  This shot and the edits were just another attempt at the same thing.


Here I attempted a similar thing to the previous shots. This time it did produce an unusual effect, but it still sacrifices a beautiful background for a proof-of-concept.


This actually shows some promise.  The Lightroom-edited shot looks futuristic in a sense, or at least, it definitely does not look natural.  The unedited shot does show some interesting light patters inside of the light tent, but it does not have good lighting on the subject, unlike the edited version.


This shoot was an unsuccessful attempt get an interesting radiused lighting effect.  The effect, if it is even there, is not noticeable, or at least not to my eye.  All that the umbrella does is impede on a shot that could have been good.


This was a very similar attempt.


It is interesting to note that one can actually see the aperture on the last two shots.  This means that my settings were wrong and I need to adjust the settings to compensate for the interaction between the flash and the aperture.


These shoots were not satisfying in the least.  I barely learned anything about studio lighting, and instead focusing on my stupid experiment which would have probably only worked if I had access to a fog machine.  I will not make the same mistakes in judgement of my imaginative instinct.


One thought on “Studio Lighting

  1. Be sure to also try getting ‘typical lighting’, or more standard lighting in some images. Playing with lights, I did say to do and you did it. Watch backgrounds as well. For the one with the soft box in the background, clone out the metal poles to clean it up.
    If not satisfying to you, keep practicing and shooting more!


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