Terror!  In this experiment, if you’d like to call its that, I experimented with low light to create a mood that invokes fear.  For this I used the flash light on my Blackberry Z10 to provide a very, very bright light that lends well to ominous and eerie scenes.



This picture is not edited.

This picture, although not specifically useable in evoke fear, it does have a certain evil to it.  It seems to be decently balanced, albeit by fluke.  I find it to be amazing as well that his has the amazing detail that we see pictured.   The use of lighting on one side of the face always seems to indicate that another side of the human is missing, inhumanity.  The use of ISO makes it really gritty (I used 6400).  I did try digitally removed the “noise” but I couldn’t stand the look of it.  He had a very plastic-like texture to his skin when fully adjusted to remove all the “noise”, and I couldn’t have any of it.  I should’ve downloaded the edited version and all the other edited versions for the others onto my portable HDD for editing on this computer, but sadly I did not think of it.



Again, not edited.

This one is a doozy.  This one is almost bisected perfectly between the huge shadow on his face and the light shining on his face.  He really look like he wants to unleash terror onto the world, or at least onto North Idaho.  I do believe that I had it set to 6400 which makes the image look really gritty, but also in some respects very crisp.  It lends well to the ominous, evil nature that I was going for in the shot.  I do not know beyond this how I can analyze such evil, and if I were able to, I would think that I would need a better understanding of psychology.  But either way, I believe that most would agree that this is a successful shot that has merit.


This is unedited.  No surprise.

This one I am definitely skeptical on.  The look of evil looks a little overdone, almost creating an unserious atmosphere.  The shining of the the light into his teeth does give a cool effect but the problem is they yellow looks overdone.  It looks almost gross.  I was hoping that when I had first looked at the shot on my camera’s screen that the yellow effect would only be for good, but it turned into some thing, especially with the other things, into something that is almost cringe-worthy.  I do thing that it has some merits though such as the grittiness of it do to the high ISO and even the yellow teeth even though they are a bit overdone.  I do believe that this was a successful shot, but after some thought I’ve concluded that the shot would have been better had it not been for the extremely yellow teeth.


I did have other photos, but I despised them so much that I felt them unworthy of even being shown.


I know that this wasn’t a very serious analysis of the photos I took, but I do think that what I said could be used to further an argument on how I had decently successful shots.  I do believe, though, that the analysis that I have suffices for this blog post.


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