Freedom of Expression!

This is free choice.  As is usual, some of my pictures did not make the cut.  The ones that did, however, were worthy of such praise.  Thus they are here.

20141024_0012 20141024_0013 20141024_0014 20141024_0015

These were partially inspired by the Linux Mint 7 Gloria default wallpaper, though most of it was just through creativity.  I used an extender tube printed in a 3D-printer to do these pictures.  One think I had to do was that I had to have something on this extension tube such that it would no longer bleed light.  These photos turned out pretty decently, but I do wish now that I think about that I had changed it such that the shots could be brighter.  The macro shots turned out surprisingly well for having a hand based on a 3D-printed object, which lends credence to the shots.  I am intrigued by the technology.


This shot was done with the 3D-printed extension tube as well.  This was not inspired by anything.  Rather it was simply a shot of the white fabric that was put over the studio light used.  I achieved an interesting effect, but I would say that I couldn’t attribute any of it to the light.  I rather enjoy these types of shots because they are able to capture the mind of the audience or act as an ambient force, reminding me of the Brian Eno quote about ambient music stating that ambient music can be either, “actively listened to with attention or as easily ignored, depending on the choice of the listener.”  Thus it seems that it would be no false step to reason that I believe that macro shots can often achieve what ambient music achieves.


These to were taken on the Velcro ends of the same light tent as the one above.  These achieved an incredible effect in that they become almost spooky.  They also happen to be balance shots, which definitely emphasizes the idea of the dyad, yin and yang, equilibrium.  The little Velcro hairs are just plain cool.  Did I mention these are cool shots?  The lighting is a little funky between the white and the velcro, and that was something that I wasn’t able to fix.


This is just a picture of the printed extension tube that was used for these shots.  I had others that were taken before, but they were crappy compared to the results I have obtained from these.


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