Water Splashes

This was done by dropping objects into water.  No surprises there.  The issue that was encountered with processing most of these shots is that the shots were too blurry, too blown-out, or too gross-looking.  It seems as though some of the lighting techniques used made the water look harsher, and because of this, grosser, though I don’t know.  I thought that most of them were so hate-worthy that if I were to show them I would hate them even more.  This is why you will be getting only a small picture of what this project actually had.





I felt that although I didn’t get the whole camera lens into view I could easily make it into something that would be highly presentable.  I made this decision, and because of non-upload of the competing photos, you, the audience, will not be able to judge the greatness or the poorness of this decision, but I feel that it was the right choice because it has, had, and assumingly will continue to have good definition, i.e., it has harsh enough light to not look to soft but not harsh enough to look gross.  I think that where the real good decision came into play was when I cropped it.  Because of this, it would no longer be bound to the constraints of the camera lens.  It would be finally able to exist as a separate entity that could be used in a variety of situations where the broken camera lens simply wasn’t necessary or even appropriate.


This one was only chosen because of how the water wrapped around the disc.  It does not, however, look good if one considers how blurry it is.  The effect may never be able to be produced, though, so I picked this one to display.  The effect of the wrapping of water around the disc just has something to it to such an extent as for it to not matter as much to have good objective aesthetics.  I only had to sharpen it.  If I hadn’t, it would’ve been unpresentable.  I would’ve hated it.  As it is now I am almost to the point of being on the fence about it. I still like it.


This one is probably the best as far as predictability goes, but as far as unintended uniqueness, it is severely lacking.  That won’t necessarily matter if it looks clear enough that it does not need to be as unique.  This, however, is lacking on some of the beauty I was trying to approach.  As I reflect here I can see that I should have done more to make it look more crisp and clean and less dirty, but I did not.  At least this is a mistake that will be learned from. I do like it, but I think that it would’ve also been better if I had used the one I had done in Lightroom rather than the open source Darktable, but I thought that I might as well experiment.

Ta da!


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