Low Polygon Count

Lots of learning was done during the range of time of this blog post.  Word of the wise, don’t take a power nap before a deadline, because you may never hear the timer for 15 minutes go off, and then you will wake up at two next morning.  Just don’t do it.  This is what I learned last night.

Anyway, let’s just get to the business of actually discussing photography.

Sadly, I forgot to get the original image.


This was done was faultily.  The method to do this fairly easy as seen here:  http://youtu.be/MSAGUhzA-90?list=LLIwhViLYo0z6IrCVSXQ9TKg.  The problem arose when I decided not to create a layer for each of the polygons.  Why would this be a problem?  It was a problem because I started to neglect other tasks like making it such that the polygon would be on a transparent layer. This made it so that I could not fill transparent areas with a color to tell if I missed any areas.  I just duplicated the background layer and then starting going at the layer without any thought of the future.  As such, I had to use the polygonal lasso tool.  Because of this, it looks sloppy, especially above the eyes where one may be able to see the varying pixels that indicate that the picture is not fully averaged.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I created the background.

Another problem with this piece is that the person in the shot was at an angle, i.e, one side of her was farther forward than the other.  Because one does half of the shot and then mirrors it over the y-axis directly in the middle the nose, their are bound to be some errors if presented with someone standing in a staggered way.  Thus, her face appears to be a little stretched.  Also, because face are not symmetrical there is going to be some degree of error in the piece.

I have been being quite negative thus far, but are their any virtuous parts of the shot?  Yes.  It looks rather unique.  It has the look akin to what old Nintendo 64 game characters looked like because video game characters are build using polygons.  Will this technique work in all cases?  No.  But will it work for something unique?  Possibly.

I may yet add the original picture after this blog post is graded by the teacher.

Oh well.


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