This week I created a caricature of my teacher, Mr. Twitchell.



First, I started with this shot.  The white-balance eye-dropper tool was the only thing used on this.



Then after a few modifications, I got this.  His head was surprisingly hard to modify into a shape that could easily fit onto a smaller neck.  The lanyard also proved to be a difficulty.  The backdrop, however, proved to be the most difficult to work with, because, if you didn’t notice, there was a little crease in it.  This crease created to different light gradients on either side of it.  This made it so that when his head was roughly selected some of the uneven areas of light would be placed on areas that did not match up.  I then had to get really close into his head and shave off the bright whites that didn’t fit.  Some of this brightness is still there, which is something that felt I could no longer easily and without migraine fix.

I wish I had a link to the tutorial that this was done on, but I only had an offline copy.  The basic steps were to transform the head and use the mesh within transform to manipulate proportions.  The liquify tool was also used so that eyes could be enlarged and a nose could be manipulated.


This was done using the aid of this link:


This was rather interesting to do.  It was not that difficult once I had all the features caricatured.  The only shortcoming was with the beard.  His mustache and beard are separate entities, but because I got a little overzealous with my shading, they became one entity.  I also may have feathered the brushes a little to much.  It doesn’t quite look enough like a cartoon because of this.  This definitely adds an interesting touch.


All in all (what a cliché), this was not a difficult project, but it was time consuming.  I would have been more difficult had I not placed a concerted in it.  It didn’t turn out perfectly, but if one is striving for perfection, one will also be disappointed.  This type of item should not be perfect, because it adds to the caricatured and comedic value.  It also makes for a good critique.


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