Watercolor, Or the Lack Thereof (The Struggle)

Sadly this write-up is mostly going to be about the dream, but not the reality.  This write-up is basically a review of tutorials.

This tutorial, http://abduzeedo.com/super-cool-watercolor-effect-10-steps-photoshop, was a difficult little bugger.  It was not a very well done one in my opinion.

First of all, I thought a cloud scene in the style of watercolor would look beautiful, especially considering how beautiful of clouds we have in North Idaho.  Sadly, this tutorial (I cannot vouch for all the tutorials I didn’t get to do that are on watercolorizing photos) did not capture what I wanted at all.  The tutorial did not contain anything that a few basic tutorials wouldn’t teach.  In step four of this tutorial they specify the use of layer grouping.  Sadly, they don’t specify why it ought to be used, and they also don’t specify if more than one layer should go in there.  Another gripe I have with this is that the author tells me to use a watercolor brush, but their link does not work and, even if it did, it is a search on Brusheezy, not a link to the specific brush.  Thus I began the search manually.  I found a brush set, but the brushes don’t really work to well for getting an effect that looks good.  I do not have a picture of this for the reason that it just looked to terrible to present.



This isn’t a terrible tutorial  It just doesn’t actually serve much of a purpose as a learning tool.  I really didn’t need to smudge anything.  Basically the tutorial does not tell you to use any complicated functions to make it do exactly what you want, it just tells you to use the oilify filter, which I have used many times.  After this it tells me to blur areas that I feel should be blurred.  Blurring doesn’t do many visible things to it after oilification.  Also, that’s not watercolor, that’s oil painting.  It just doesn’t have that feel.  It is too algorithmic.

As a last straw: make the sky look like a sketch in gimp


This is actually a very well written tutorial, it just didn’t work.  For some reason it just didn’t for the life of it want to desaturate the greys.


It sill looks interesting it its own right.


That was disappointing.  There was nothing particularly beautiful yielded from this week.  But hey, I guess this just goes to show that there will be bad weeks.


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