Thanksgiving Vinyls in “Monochrome”

I did nothing over Thanksgiving Vacation.  Well, I did listen to vinyls, but other than that I did little worth mentioning.  Recently, however, my  family purchased the Volkswagen Tiguan.  Sad thing was, and still is, that the lighting setup never provided a good photograph.

Anyway I digress.

Many of these use some form of the Split toning function within Adobe Lightroom, however subtle the effect might be.


In this photograph I have Pink Floyd’s new album The Endless River on vinyl and How About Uke? by Lyle Ritz.  As I have used in some of my other quote-on-quote “pieces”, I have complementary colors as the main base tones of the highlights and the shadows.  I think that one has to be in the right mood to like this “photo”, and right now I feel that it is simply to red.  I should’ve changed the balance or changed the exposure.


This one has the same vinyls, but this time I experimented with blue and yellow as the split tones, them being highlights and shadows, respectively.  This appeals to me much, much more.  It just feels so smooth.  The language cannot be more precise.



This one is in grayscale.  It fits.  Not everything should have flair, because then flair becomes commonplace, then becomes boring.  Then artists would again have to raise their standards.  Simplicity is sometimes better.  Keep It Simple, Stupid.

IMG_6516 IMG_6521




IMG_6523 IMG_6524 IMG_6525 IMG_6526

These are all very similar shots.  The best one, however, is probably the first one because it was heavily overexposed.  I had a really low shutter speed on.  There was little middle ground through which I could get a semi-perfect shot.  Even still, this one has the least digital noise, and thus algorithmic corrections were not as readily needed.  The split toned one is overdone.  I ought to look more closely at what emotion the saturated colors elicit, and then focus on whether or not that emotion will elict what I want.


This one is simply fantastic; however, it is a little blurry in areas because, in essence, almost all of these shots were frankly trash.


Unique angle on vinyl sticker



This is probably my pride and joy of this assignment.  It just looks so good.  I cannot describe it in more exacting terms that would make sense outside of the realm of my mind.  Some things cannot be explained through purely logical means without outside intervention from some source, like scientific observation through instruments.  Are you telling me that you want to take a brain scan of me?  The shot simply turned out quite well.


This one might be better than the previous one, but I seem to flip-flop between both.  It seems like this would be LP if it was one.  It’s just so good.


Through all of these shots we find one common thing, they were trash from the start.  Part of the learning, however, is to see how far one can go with trash,and obviously it can become half-way decent, as proven through this post.


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