The Terror of the JPEG and Studio Stuff



I was at the University of Idaho Harbor Center last Sunday.  The blue of the water’s edge was absolutely breathtaking.  I did not, however, have my DSLR.  Only my phone.  As such, I decided that I would take some shots anyway.  I got this shot, among others, and, besides the low resolution, is almost photo-realistic.

I decided to play around with some filters and other effects so that I could produce something that looked like a painting.  At first I was going for a van Gogh-esque style, but after some experimenting I found something that may just be as cool:




I do not remember what filter I used to create this effect; however, I do know that this filter is in the filters gallery, rather than the normal drop-down menu.  Then I changed the levels of light in the shot, and what I got amazed, amazed me.  The colors became extremely vivid, something that was completely unexpected.

However, this JPEG does not do it justice.  I hate this.  Nor does my laptop’s screen do it justice.



IMG_6588 IMG_6589 IMG_6590  IMG_6590 IMG_6589 IMG_6588 IMG_6586 IMG_6585 IMG_6583 IMG_6582 


Obviously many of these were mistakes.  The first few had a very, very high amount of exposure, which is actually an advantage in a few cases because one can change the levels and thus take away light.  Not so is it if it is under exposed.  On those few really bright shots I had the shutter speed at around 1/80.


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