Acceptance Acceptance1 The_New_Centurion

The magic of blend modes.  Use them.

And edge detection, Gaussian usually.

For photography I was supposed to make PSA’s (public service announcements), but I turned the project in to more of a project on propaganda.

What I learned was that a week is not enough to make truly effective propaganda.

I tried, though.

I made these in Gimp, as well as doing minor adjustments in Darktable.

I first thought that I would make a PSA about Daylight Savings Time, but I didn’t have enough inspiration.  I then decided that I would attempt to do FDR-style Great Depression propaganda posters, but it didn’t come out correctly.  Some inspiration I used for FDR-style posters was here,

Then I decided that I would try to make some type of Constructivist-esque poster.

I did.

Actually, the first one I made was the red-colored on acceptance.  Using my constructed light box, I took a picture of two male minifigures “kissing”, to demonstrate acceptance.  I used edge detection and blend modes.

The second acceptance one was made by getting rid of the red blended layer.

“The New Centurion” was made in a somewhat constructivist style, though I did not have enough time to analyze the propaganda form.  Rather, I free-formed it, only using some inspiration.  This piece takes the form of a more propaganda approach, although all of them are technically propaganda.  The propaganda symbolizes the creation of the people as the new centurion, where no one owns anything, and everyone protects one another.

IMG_6823 IMG_6827

Thus, I learned some more about propaganda styles, as well as the WPA.


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