Spring Break

This spring break I competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition Regional in Calgary, AB.

During that time I, sadly, took very few photos.  I had my DSLR, but left at the hotel every day of competition.  So I had to result to using my phone which, although having a decent camera, was not the camera for the right job.  The lighting in the competition area was absolute garbage, and the people I had who would take photos on my behalf on my phone would shake like lunatics.  Plus, since I was on roaming all the time, the phone would die at lightning pace.

I only uploaded the modified photos here because the originals are only sparsely different.

And thus, here they are.


This is Joe.  He is sleeping on the bus ride there.  He is probably listening to Darude — Sandstorm.


This is Jase.  I have no idea why he took this shot.


These are the programmers (the ones wearing the red pants) and a few others.  This is where someone could not keep there hands still, though the adjustments did do well to hide some of the error.


This is another shot.  This is a retake.  But it is worse. Sigh.


This is a shot of robots either getting loaded or unloaded on to the field.  The lighting in this gym sucks.


There is Joe being exhausted.  Behind him is someone with a menacing glare.


There is our robot.  The robot has what is called a holonomic drive train, which means that it can go forward, backward, strafe left and right, and spin truly on a dime.  The lights on it switch through the whole ROYGBIV series during its run time, and then return back to the beginning once the series is complete.


There is our robot, but this time with lights glowing blue.


This is part of the field.


There is Tim.  There is also some elderly woman possibly staring at him.


Another shot of the field.


Another shot of the field, but this time with “natural framing”.


There is a tote stack and a noodle container for the human player to give to the robot.

Some of the pictures turned out decently, but most are crap.

The trip was better than the photographs that fruited from it.


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