For this assignment we had to depict idioms visually.  I did three different idioms.

Ears Ears1

The meaning of these two must be guessed upon.  The second one has an oil paint layer applied to it, but the first one doesn’t.

For these next pieces I used the light box I made from a previous assignment to really make the only focus be the object, with nothing in the background per se to distract it.

Note: I had to convert the mode of the whole canvas of each from 16-bit color to 8-bit color in order to use the Filter Gallery filters.


On the top of the Calgary tower they had one of those crank penny machines.  Instead of using pennies, the machine next to it recommended getting these tokens, which were basically penny blanks.  They most likely recommended using them because Canada discontinued their penny.  They work really well to show the meaning of the idiom — that is — that two cents is worthless.

For the style of this, which almost looks industrial I created a duplicate layer of the photograph, turned on a layer mask on it, used the filter called Sumi-e, and used the brush at a flow of 2% on the layer mask to show the penny with all its color through the duplicate layer.


Sumi-e was used on the photograph.  Then the Impact font was applied.  Applied to the whole thing was the oil paint filter, resulting in this.


To all of the above a Sumi-e filter was applied to the oiled layer, resulting in this.

This looks quite van Gogh-esque in the texture, but not the style.


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