More Macro

I believe I am starting to find my voice.  I have started recently finding my voice in writing and it should only follow that I am starting to find it with photography.  What I have found is that nature scenes and macros are usually my favorite photographic medium.  I do find that often digital photography is my stronger fit, but that is only after modifying a photography extensively.

And so I find myself always back at the camera.

I used the poor man’s macro on this one.

I took many macro shots, but most did not make the cut.  Poor photographs.


This is tissue paper.  I kind of reminds me of some of the Linux Mint wallpapers.  Just Google search it.  For the lazy:


This is a macro shot of a texture of a Papier-mâché thing.  I had it on flash, which would normally make it loop terrible if not corrected for, but it worked out amazingly well when considering the contrast.


This is another shot of a Papier-mâché texture.  This one doesn’t have artificial flare.  It is what it is.  Very, very detailed.


This is some bag’s nylon or polyester texture.  It is probably some lighting equipment back.  The depth of field is quite striking.  Although there is no central focus, the small depth of field makes one think there may be a central focus, thus adding depth, in more ways than one.


This looks more like some industrial item, but rather it is a normal mechanical pencil.  It just goes to show that when one takes a moment to observe their surroundings, one may find things that they never would’ve noticed otherwise.  I have found worlds more alien in one room than in any space opera.

It looks almost like some sort of piston shaft.

The world of macro is a world I like to explore because it lets me find almost alien worlds right from the palm of my hands to the walls to any thing else.  I just have to snap my lens off and reverse it.  Then I may travel to other worlds.


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