Free Choice

Hello everyone.  This week I decided to just have fun.  Unfortunately, during the weekend my DSLR was locked in the school, so I had to use my phone camera instead for half of it.  The photographs taken from the phone were taken at Higgins Point and the photographs taken by the DSLR were taken in English class because I was goofing off.

All the photographs were only slightly edited to spruce them up.


Down by the beach of Higgins Point, these rock had fascinatingly linear edges that absolutely warranted a few photographs.  Although the next one is probably better by being more compositionally competent, this photo shows how far inland the structures go.


This one is absolutely my favorite shot I took there.  The compositional arrangement is fantastic, plus the image is just fascinating.  The rock faces almost appear as stepping stones which lead further back.


This one would probably be another one of my favorites.  It would’ve been better, however, if the shot had been more in focus, but the how the photo is divided in half is very, very eye-appealing.


Not much to say here.  It is over-blown on the top right hand corner, but that is not necessarily bad.


This and the next two shots are just some nice compositions of a tree.

IMG_20150525_171334 IMG_20150525_171336


This was taken while we were preparing for our unique presentation of The Death of a Salesman.  And no, the guy on the right, Anthony, is not fat.  That is a pillow.  I am thinking about making a movie poster out of this shot.


This shot is stylistically a selfie, although not technically one.  That would’ve been dangerous to the camera.





IMG_7160 IMG_7161 IMG_7162

I love bokehs.



I think that I have found that bokehs, satires/parodies/comics, and nature shots are my favorite types of compositions to do.


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