Final Blog Post :'(

Welcome to the last blog post  Today I will be displaying photographs based on nature, along with one retouch not related to this theme.

Today is a solemn day.  One where I have to give the awesome DSLR away.  And no longer, at least for a while, will I show up to Lord Twitchell’s class to hear his comedic quips.

But either way, we must end somewhere.

For this final post I decided to find nature and define it from my backyard and neighborhood. I did.


This is a dandelion in my backyard.  The detail in it, although not on the level of a real macro, is quite astounding.  The fly on it brings me further in contact with nature.  The detail is what gives me the contact and the definition of nature.  I do not need to go far outside of my boundaries to have a moment of Thoreau.


This is another weed that has yet to be killed by the evil lawn mower.  At least our lawn mower is electric; thus, it is better for the environment.  The almost rule of thirds layout and the detail of it shows the beauty of nature.  Using poor man’s macro assists in showing the complexity of the various mechanisms of plant life.  One, if one looks hard enough, may be able to discern pedals that correspond with the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence.  Thus, I found nature, without even leaving the confines of the fence.


Using poor man’s macro again I see the details of a grain plant.  I can see the little vessels through which life is delivered to the organism.  I see how something that seems normal can actually be quite unique and special.  Nature exists everywhere.  One can find its beauty by just sitting and looking.


This macro shows the details of an unopened weed flower.  The way it almost seems to be a claw never ceases to amaze me.  In some ways the tip of it looks like a bird of prey.  The amazing little details throughout the the little strands of fibers are quite spectacular.


This is just a cool shot.  I thing it is a strand of grass.

IMG_7279 IMG_7280

These photographs of grass were taken at a low shutter speed to give blur.  Although changing the pure look of nature, it still feels natural in a sense.  It cannot describe how even though it is changed that it can still be representative of nature, but maybe that just means that not everything can be rationalized.


This shot taken was taken ~1,000 feet away from my house.  I live far enough on the outskirts of town that I can see beauty without going far.  The two charming little clouds right above the peak are fantastic, yet simplistic.


This is a beautiful display of the detail of a simple weed flower.  I often think that “weed” flowers are more beautiful that domesticated flowers.


This is a macro of an unopened version of that type of flower right before this picture.


A bokeh of the clouds and the sun glaring at 110%.



Until I had flipped my lens to do poor man’s macro, I had never realized this little beetle was their.  I said in my head, “What the hell?”  I proceeded to realize that if I could get a good shot, even if it was a little blurry, would still be amazing.  The little pink pedals look like flowers themselves.  I would never had realized that if not for knowing about poor man’s macro.

This shot kind of reminds me of this:


I accidentally set the exposure to high when I took this.  I looked at the preview and loved the photograph immediately.

IMG_7348 IMG_7349

The final too, although not taken with poor man’s macro, show an extreme amount of detail. The sun saturating the leaves with a bright green glow is glorious.

Although I never found nature at its true finest, I did find nature that was little touched by human evils.  All anyone needs to do is look before they act.  Then, they will see beauty. Then they may act.

Portrait Retouch:





Earlier in the year we received a video from Chris Lambeth with his methods on retouching. I didn’t do all of his stuff verbatim, but I used the healing tools and did lighting retouches.


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