Homecoming Dance Photos










This was really simple to pull off.  I was bummed about not being able to get really nice shots of the actual dance due to the horrible lighting, so I took the time to look around me and take interesting shots.  I fired off the shutter constantly in hopes of getting great shots.  I did.  This was done with a high ISO, sadly, but sometimes it just must be done.  I did the usual minor adjustments to the image in order to spruce it up.  I think the look of it looks rather Tron like.  I shouldn’t have put the vignetting so high on this processed photo.


What should’ve been a rather bad photo due to blurriness actually turned into something rather interesting.  The focus does not appear to be on anything within view.  It seems to convey some mystery without actually doing anything fancy.  The colors are of course rather cool-looking, but that mystery that is not even very noticeable is a nice little touch to which would otherwise be a throwaway image.


This shot is one of my favorites.  I kept getting disgusting shots because I was using the flash on my camera.  If I hadn’t been, though, I wouldn’t be getting many worthy shots at all.  I tried putting a sticky note in front of the flash in order to soften up the light, but I saw no noticeable softening happening.  My teacher showed me a technique to add some motion to an image when using flash that would also soften up the light a little.  He said to set the camera on shutter priority mode and set the shutter speed very low while keeping the ISO quite high.  Then you are supposed to flick it in order to cause blurred lights.  This would mean that the light in the area would be blurred due to the long exposure.  The people and objects captured by the flash, however, are very sharp.  The flash only fires for a fraction of the time the shutter is open.  This means that the focus gets “frozen” while everywhere else exhibits motion.  As one can see, the blurred blue disco lights make the photo feel dynamic to what would have otherwise been a crappy photo.


I started to try drawing different shapes while taking the photographs to see what would result.  This is a decent photograph only because it has motion.  I would be completely disinterested in it had it not had this quality.  It would just be a crappy flash image.


Again, it exhibits motion.  The people look quite sharp, even though it appears my focus was a little off.  It was hard to focus on anything in that light.  It would have been nearly impossible if I had been using autofocus.  It was just to dark to get everything exactly right.


This last photograph processed through Lightroom was done by free-lensing.  I took off the lens and experimented until I got another shot.  Again, it would have been a completely uninteresting photo if it didn’t have somewhere to lead the eye to.  By using free-lensing I was able to get a nice effect, even though, if you look at it, there is not much in the actual photo.


Again, these were all run through Lightroom with minor adjustments to make them more photo-realistic.  I enjoyed taking photos in this environment.  It took me out of my comfort zone of what I used to taking photographs of.  It made me have to think outside of the box in order to create something workable instead of hideous.  I think, in that case, whether or not the photos are good or bad, the time was well spent.


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