The day before school started this year we drove for an hour up to the Roman Nose Lakes.  I saw this post by accident: Post.  I was absolutely inspired to take photos up there.  Long story short, I drove up their to see it was closed due to Idaho Panhandle National Forest stage 2 fire restrictions.  Two days later, on the 9th, they took down all restrictions.  I decided to go last week.  Instead of trying to go to the Roman Nose lakes we tried going to nearby Harrison Lake.  The gravel road to it was twenty miles long and we were in a fairly new, fairly low clearance Subaru Impreza.  Still feeling like having an adventure, we went to the Roman Nose Lakes.  Well, not really.  The road was better as far as clearance was concerned, but it has a much higher elevation gain, so we eventually turned back.  I decided that I would at least get one shot of the mountains, even if they weren’t the right ones.


Anyway, when going down that way through Sandpoint, my dad asked me if I could take some shots for his portfolio of the building he helped design.  I took many shots of the different sections of it, changing the focus to make sure that I got something workable.  Apparently I didn’t do that enough.  This is the edit of it, the original being below.  I wanted to test how good I could make an overexposed photo look with edits.  It doesn’t look very bad at all except for the overblown areas.  The reflection in the window also doesn’t look very good.  It also seems blurry in some areas, even though it was at a high ISO, which must mean that the sensor isn’t high resolution enough or the focus was off.  I suspect the latter.

IMG_5736and Modified-5742

The first modified one actually looked better in my opinion than this one.  The sky looks way less natural, in the original or the modification.  The reflection in the window also looks terrible.  Again, it is a little blurry in areas.


This photo was taken when we decided to turn around on the way back down the hill.  This photo looks a little blurry and noisy in areas as well, but I quite like the photo even still.  The mountains really are the focus; the trees frame them.  I believe those are the Selkirk Mountains, but if they are on the other side of US95, then they are the Cabinet Mountains.



This was a total accident.  There were deer in our path and I hustled to get a shot of them.  I did get a fairly nice shot of one, but that was only after frantically changing my settings and focus — I had it on manual.  The photograph, though, was not very appealing to me.  This one, however, was.  It is basically a bokeh, but it is not the normal city lights bokeh.  It’s a tree light bokeh.  The area was pretty and it translated into this blurry shot.



On the way back home on this fruitless adventure we decided to take more shots for his portfolio of the building.  I got some decent shots, but in the end I could have done better.  It seems like there is some blooming in areas near the white trim.



Again, this image has a little bit of blur.  It’s unsatisfying.  I wonder if it has something to do with the viewfinder’s adjustment dial being off.  This is a different camera, as far as I can tell, from the one I used last year, so it is conceivable that it might be off in some way.


These images took me way to long to curate and sift through to find the best ones.

I think I need to pick closer destinations for my photography.


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