The Roman Nose Lakes

It is funny.  I did not submit this blog post on time because I realized that many of the photos I took are way to amazing to not have them watermarked.  After considering my options, i.e., dreaming instead of writing, I decided to watermark them for certain.

Anyway, last weekend we headed up towards Bonners Ferry, Idaho to hike the Roman Nose Lakes.  Previously we had tried to get to them on two separate occasions.  The first time they were closed.  The second Time we took a low clearance Subaru Impreza.  I guess third time’s the charm.

The Roman Nose Peak and surrounding mountains are part of the Selkirk Mountains.  Interesting tidbit: the Selkirk Mountains are considered to be part of the Rocky Mountains by many, but they are actually geologically older than the Rocky Mountains and are part of the Colombia Mountains.  The first bits of the Selkirk Mountains start with Mica Peak near Coeur d’Alene and reach all the way up to Nelson, British Columbia and higher.

The first trailhead that we got to took us to the first lake.  The first lake only took a few hundred feet to get to.  Looking around, I was in amazement that these lakes were nicely tucked into to these rugged crags.  Most of North Idaho, after all, does not have rugged mountain peaks.  The second trailhead lead to the second and third lakes.
There were three serene lakes tucked into these crags and they really cannot be ranked on which was the best.


This one is my favorite shot.  The way that mountain side looks, with its white granite sides, along with the larch-blanked valleys around it are just breathtaking.  When I look out at the distance from one of the granite cliffs I was amazed at the vastness of the forest.  I love the one evergreen tree closest to the lens on the left side with so much detail, giving a contrast with the green and yellow expanse everywhere else.  This area around me, or really, below me, is considered to be a rainforest.  It is actually one of the farthest inland rainforests in the world, if not the farthest inland rainforest.


This is probably my second favorite photo I took.  I love the shadow that is formed on the hill and the natural framing from the trees.  The trees continuing on down also leading my eyes further down into the expanse of the photo.


This is my third favorite photo.  This image really gives every aspect of the hike except for the fall colors of the larch valley in the expanse beyond me.  It gives the lake, the trees, and the beautiful granite slopes.



This is the sand under the water of the first of the three lakes.


This is the Roman Nose Peak.  It really looks like a roman nose.


These orange mushrooms really caught my eye when I saw them and so I had to take a picture of them.

img_6237 img_6231 img_6229 img_6188 img_6187 img_6178 img_6176 img_6154 img_6153 img_6123 img_6113 img_6108 img_6100 img_6099 img_6096 img_6092 img_6088 img_6069 img_6062 img_6056 img_6054 img_6053 img_6052 img_6050 img_6030 img_6018img_6017




I like these three because the distance is in focus, with the Cabinet and Bitterroot Mountains bordering Montana being in relatively sharp and in focus, but the trees are not.  These trees are almost silhouettes in front of the expanse.  It really has a cool effect.

img_5948 img_5945 img_5934 img_5931 img_5930 img_5929 img_5917  img_5883 img_5881 img_5876 img_5874 img_5871

Sorry if the watermarks distract from any of the shots, but they needed to be there.  It’s kind of funny to me that I didn’t put watermarks on previous photographs believing them to be stupid and ugly until I had gotten ones worthy, then I sold out. 🙂

This experience of taking photos of the mountains, forests, and lakes was a really cool experience.  I had always been jealous of all these amazing wonders of the world that were so far away and how the photographers were able to capture the beauty in them, but then I realized that I had to just go and check this out.  It turns out that this type of beauty that I had jealousy for had been right in my backyard.  I was really able to capture the beauty of the area really well.  I must also give credit to how many shots I took.  I must’ve taken around 400 shots.  It really is nice to be able to sort things in Lightroom based on rating.  It took me the whole week to go through them, rate them, and finally edit them so that they would look just the way they did when I saw them.  Photorealism was my goal.  It really was quite difficult to get just the right shots, but sometimes it fell right in to place.


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