The Ghosts of Burke

For my last adventure I went to the ghost-town of Burke, Idaho.  Four miles outside of Wallace, Idaho, this town is a cool remnant of the mining history of the area.  Although much of the towns last remnants are unexplorable without trespassing, it is still fun to walk by the building and just take it in.  It is also fun to read the history about the Tiger Hotel and the Coeur d’Alene mining wars as they relate to what used to be a bustling mining town.

Here is a picture of the Tiger Hotel as it once was:

Now, when you visit the town, only the foundation remains.  They tore it down in 1954.

Here is a selection of the best shots I was able to take within the canyon, with the first image being the one edited and the second being the raw image:

IMG_6659-2 IMG_6659 IMG_6675-2 IMG_6675 IMG_6678-2 IMG_6678 IMG_6684-2 IMG_6684 IMG_6690-2 IMG_6690 IMG_6694-2 IMG_6694 IMG_6695-2 IMG_6695 IMG_6707-2 IMG_6707

When comparing the edited images of the concrete building to the originals, the change is quite noticeable.  The images look much more realistic in the final, edited form.  The bricks of the nice red brick building also look sharper, better defined, and more accurate in color.

IMG_6719-2 IMG_6719

Okay, to be honest, it really isn’t a ghost town.  A few people live in Burke.  This was a nice fort that one of them built.


I decided that I would use this tutorial (–photo-3327) to try something new that although might be simple, it would give me new outlooks.  I tried the Tilt-Shift blur tool in Photoshop CS6 after trying the method detailed in the tutorial, and I honestly did not like it much, so I decided to stick with what I liked the most and what I thought gave me the best result.

IMG_6684_final IMG_6707_final

I also decided to try using it on some a photograph I had taken when hiking the Roman Nose lakes.


This is a really simple method to getting an interesting effect, but the most beneficial part of doing this is not the tutorial itself, but what you observe about your photo during and after applying the effects.  I really noticed a lot more details when I did these effects.

It was also an interesting experience to capture the scenes of this ghost town.  It was a very immersive experience


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