For this assignment I decided to do a New World Order PSA.  I like reading conspiracy theories, though I buy almost none of them, I thought I’d mock a particular one.  After doing a search one can find great propaganda.  I wanted to something different, though, something clever.  I was desperately trying not to be cliché, searching for inspiration, which made the whole affair difficult.

Stuff like this served as inspiration:

Then, something happened.  The 2016 fiscal year omnibus spending bill. They added the CISA bill into it.  I was rather irritated by the CISA bill already, but then they removed all privacy protections from it.  I decided, after struggling for a while, to do some thing somewhat humorous by alluding to the New World Order, but also make a serious point about the bill.  It has been passed, in case you we’re wondering.

To start:


I first started by using the poor man’s macro technique to take a close up of an eye.  That technique really does do the trick.

I didn’t know where I was going completely, but I let the process guide me, rather than me guiding the process.

I then went to work doing minor edits in Lightroom to make it look good.  I imported the photo into Photoshop.  I increased the whites using levels, just like I had done on the river.  Then I used a filter (I think it was the same as the one in that river post).  Then, I created a red layer and applied a blend mode onto it to get the effect below.  I spent some time trying to position the eye in the most eye-appealing way (almost an hour).  I decided on the Heavitas font to give the whole thing a nice impact.  I used a larger size for the O so that it could fit inside the pupil of the eye.  I added on an outline to all the text (except the watermark) to make a little more striking.  I did not realize it, but I did the colors red, white, and blue, in order, as if it was representing the colors of the United States.  I think this accident was a really cool one, going to show that accidents aren’t inherently bad.


One thing I should’ve been more careful about was the use of 2015.  Although true, it could be somewhat ambiguous, since the bill is the 2016 fiscal year bill, meaning that people could misinterpret it.

I also hadn’t realized that the, “Ne more way” should be moved up to make it read more like “one” and less like “ne”.

I do love the impact it has.  It is mostly about the text, not the image itself.  The image adds to the rhetoric.

One thing to note.  Fitting along  with the New World Order vibe, I hid a “666” inside of the pupil.  If I was actually going to use this to get the word out about that terrible bill (or should I now say law?), I would not have had that “666”, which makes the creator (me) seem like a crackpot, making the point not sink in as thoroughly as it really should.  I like the addition of it within the context that it is only an assignment, not a truly rhetorical piece.

As the King Crimson song Indiscipline notes, “I like it.”


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