Processing more Christmas Break photos

For this post, I was inspired by surreal infrared photographs by David Keochkerian.  I thought that I would search for a way to fake.  I came upon this.  I didn’t really like the effect much, especially on the photographs I was working with.  I wanted something with color like what is in Mr. Keochkerian’s photographs.  I was able to find this.  I tried this tutorial on the photograph the author recommended and it worked wonderfully.  Where it gets dicey is when you use your own photographs.


This photograph is one that I like quite a bit.  It is a photo of the mountains on the way to Montgomery Woods.  I thought that I would try the fake effect on it.


This is the end effect.  I quite like the results, even though it looks nothing like want I wanted.  I used the basic directions, but I had to make modifications.  I was able to the trees and bushes fairly white in the channel mixer adjustment layer like in the directions,

but to increase the effect I had to use a lighting adjustment layer over the channel mixer adjustment layer.  I then tried to the the Gaussian blur direction they gave for the top layer.  I honestly didn’t like the effect, so I decided against it.  Other than those things, I did everything else as directed.  This is a very difficult process because of all the trial and error involved, and, although I like the output, in some ways its disappointing.

I also decided to go back to an old effect that I used here and here.  These original shots were taken near either Eureka or Crescent City, California.  Seriously, what beautiful coast!


IMG_7741_OG IMG_7738_OG

“Cartoon” Edits:

This was the first edit of the first shot.  I thought I liked it, then realized that I wanted the sky to be more uniform.


Since “my” method makes the sky uniform I just needed to fill the rest of the sky with the sky color to make it uniform.



To do this I use a levels adjustment to make everything brighter, which makes all the lighting more uniform for the effect.  Usually I use an effect like cutoff, but for the one directly above I used the Dry Brush and I don’t think it looks that good.

After this blog post, I think I might buy myself a filter from here: link.  This article seems to detail fairly well how to do it without modifying your camera: article.


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