Trip to Schweitzer

Against my better judgement, I brought my camera on the CHS Ski Club trip to Schweitzer Mountain.  I remember when I was at the farmers market one time and there was this beautiful framed photo of Lake Pend Oreille taken from Schweitzer Mountain during the winter.  I told myself that I had to take photos from Schweitzer once I finally find my way there.  I obviously took photos with HDR in mind.

I was rather limited on options because of the enormous amount of fog and where I could go on the mountain.  However, I still got rather appealing shots.

For these two, I was kind of disappointed because of, and I expected this, the ghosting due to the lifts.  The HDR effect is very minimal, and the slow sign distracts from the true focus I had intended.  I honestly didn’t like either of them enough to edit out the little dust specs on the camera lens (or is it lense?), but now, as I write this, I actually like them both quite a bit.


This one is significantly better.  I used one less image to make it, and it has more details on the mountains on the lake.


I think this one is really cool.  The fact is, the HDR effect is subtle in this one.  It looks fairly natural.  It looks natural.  It looks like what I saw.  The majority of the photo is taken up by fog, and I think it really gives a great contrast with the lake and all its beauty.  I like how the trees in the foreground have a significant amount more detail than originally.  They stand out more.  This is probably the most obviously HDR-ish part of the photo.  I can’t stop looking at it and feeling a sense of bliss.


I was trying to use the fake infrared effect from the last on the photo above and encountered what I thought was a lot of noise but was actually grain according to this.  I only learned this after everything was said and done.

Hindsight is 20/20.  Or at least 20/40.  Good thing I didn’t have to say that about bringing my camera ’cause nothing bad happened.  Yay.


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