Silence (Final)

Silence.  What we witness when we practice this fine art can surprise us.  We can see things deep within that we didn’t even know existed.  We can find new ways of thinking when we practice the art of silence and observe with the eyes alone.  We can find entire landscapes, entire worlds within a single plant.  There is a whole world inside of all of us, whether we mean that as the bacteria inside of us or something deeper.  We need to harness silence.

To capture the essence of silence we need detail and contrast.  HDR can help us with this.  A macro can help us see these worlds right under our noses.  Why can’t we combine them?  This was my inspiration.


I tried to go see the Settler’s Grove in North Idaho.  There they have western redcedars dating back to when Columbus hit shore.  They are absolutely massive, or so I imagine.  We never made it far enough because the road to the parking area was closed and the snow was difficult to walk in.  On the way to the parking lot there was a wall of ferns and moss, seemingly unharmed by the snow and actually surviving underneath it in parts.  I took my opportunity to take an HDR macro image of the fauna.  The image above was by far the best.  By letting silence take hold we can see deeper beauty.


Little brown leaves was frozen under the snow.  They were asking to have an HDR macro done of them.  In this case I see very little need for HDR and in fact I think it looks worse than the original in some respects.  Still, it gives an amazing amount of detail to the snow around the leaves.  They almost look like table salt crystals.


Near this grove is the South Fork Eagle Creek.  There was a small waterfall.  The scene was serene.  What we have to learn is to enjoy what is around us and not worry about our devices so much.  The creek cascaded down and the slow shutter speed gives a cool effect.


Nick is tired.  He probably spent to much time watching Vsauce or reading Reddit.  This HDR portrait really shows the stress of lack of sleep.  Finals were this week, which added to the problem.  He shows us the problem so many have with silence.  My inspiration was this.


For all of these houseplant macros was inspired in part by the wallpaper on this early Android tablet.I thought that I should use macro images to observe the fractals in plants.  These are just house plants.  To illuminate the leaf I used the light (the flash) on the back of my phone and used, as with all the other macros, poor man’s macro.  I initially tried HDR, but it didn’t really need it.  Look at how complex those veins are.  The seemingly mundane can become mesmerizing, especially under the influence of silence.

Source Images:  IMG_7971.CR2 (Av: F1.$; Tv: 1/1328 sec.; ISO: 800; FL: 50.0 mm)   IMG_7972.CR2 (Tv: 1/197 sec.)   IMG_7970.CR2 (Tv: 1/512 sec.)   Processing:  Fusion F.3 (Exposure Fusion Mode 1)

For the photograph above I did do an HDR macro.  I thought it turned out really well.  This is another houseplant, but a different species.  HDR gave it a lot more contrast and detail to the darks and the highlights,  I think that it looks really smooth.  I used Fusion-HDR for this one and only this one.


This is not HDR.  But the complexity of these simpler lifeforms (compared to us) is staggering.


This took patience to get and I don’t like it.  The clouds are in cool formations, but it doesn’t pop.  I was waiting for the perfect sunset.  Silence was hard to keep while waiting for the adventure that never came.  This has a large depth of field.  It is hard to have a mediocre photo such as this.

“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence” — Robert Fripp

We must use silence to heal ourselves.  We need to relax and find tranquility in the simple yet actually complex and nuanced parts of life such as a simple leaf.




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