Multiple Flash Photography

For this assignment we did multiple flash photography, although the assignment was really called multiple exposure photography, though that seems to be a misnomer.

Most of these were done by firing the speedlight manually without any connection to the camera.  When taking these photos I set had a small aperture to minimize any out of focus parts I’d get from not being able to predict things such as where a ball is going to bounce.


This was just a first test.  It looks eerie, but it doesn’t have enough contrast for my taste.


This one worked out pretty well.  It is not very obvious that this used the multiple flash photography method, but it still is pretty cool.


I decided that I’d try to get guitar movements.  I knew that it would show motion really well.  I thought that I’d try picking patterns first, but none of those turned out, so I thought I’d do the fretboard.  These were “jazzed up” with more constrast, which made them look much better.  With these it actually looks like I’m playing rapidly.

IMG_8215_v1 IMG_8216_v1 IMG_8218_v1

My goal in this whole thing was to get a shot of the pattern of a bouncing ball.  I finally figured out how to set the speedlight to fire to a certain frequency, but I still wasn’t able to capture it.  These are what I got.

IMG_8229_v1 IMG_8230_v1 IMG_8237_v1

After that I decided to see what I could get with my feet



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