Light Painting 2

Source: Digital Photography School

Inspired by the above, I decided to try my hand at more light painting.  I decided to first try with my electric guitar.  I set up my new Proline tripod and set my guitar on the hardwood-styled vinyl floor and went to work.  I traced the edges the perimeter of the whole guitar and then light painted the pickups.  First try:


I love the texture that that the light painting gave.  I almost has a midnight jazzy feel.  The “wood” floor gives a certain class to the setup.  This seems like a great and unorthodox way to do product photography.  It looks moody.  I did not expect it to turn out this good first try.

I then proceeded to take paint my electric ukulele.


Again, it feels blusey or jazzy.  The outer glow gives focus to the product.

I was tired of doing instruments so I looked for other things.  I found a hat.  I first painted the brim of the hat, then painted the top of the crown and around the sides of the crown.


It looks understated and mysterious.

I found another object, a video game controller.  I painted basically every part of it.


The light is very soft.  The darkness around the halo of light is mysterious and enigmatic.

Lastly I tried my 1950s Harmony Uke.  I chose it because I thought it would fit well with the blusey/jazzy vibe I was starting to get from the previous exposures.


Again, it is just a great effect.


I believe all the shots were done in one take, which surprises me.  I loved these turned out.  Great way to do product photography.  Didn’t quite expect that so much.  I mean, it wouldn’t work for every product, but it certainly works to draw the eye in.


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