Cedar Grove

Last weekend we decided to go to the Ross Creek Cedar Grove near Heron, Montana.  We had to hike approximately 3 miles to the grove since the road was closed to vehicles.

On the road to the grove there is a fantastic view of the Bull River valley.  I was amazed, so I set up my tripod, set my camera to aperture priority mode, set up the camera to bracket, and exposed away.  I then used Photomatix Pro to process the bracketed exposures and Photoshop to touch-up the sky and few other things.IMG_8289_90_91_tonemapped

I had problems because I noticed that the exposures I took were all somewhat blurry.  I took them at F/22.  What gives?  There was no shake.  Apparently I reached the diffraction limit of the equipment.  What I used to fix some of this was to setup a high pass filter and use a layer mask on the high pass filter layer to adjust areas that didn’t need the filter.  Now I think it looks pretty good, although the parts could look better if not for the inherent diffraction limit.

This was one of the shots of the cedars.   I find the texture of the bark to be really cool.

IMG_8358_59_60_Smooth 2

I realized as I was typing this that HDR doesn’t always works out correctly.  I took away some of the depth.  It brought forth a lot of detail, but it lost a lot of the depth.  It doesn’t give enough perspective of the scale of the tree.  This tree is probably 10 feet in diameter.

I just like the shot below, though the HDR processing may have been a little overdone as well.



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