Canadian Rockies

Recently I made a trip with my robotics team Alpha+ to Calgary, AB to compete.  During this trip I got was able to see and take shots of some of the Canadian Rockies.   I also got to see the Badlands of Alberta and took pictures at the competition but those are for another time.

For these photos I used the now free Nik Collection, and I have to say, the collection is amazing.

Anyway, one of the most impressive mountains including the ones that I got to see in Banff was Crowsnest Mountain.  Take a look:8W4A9914



To get rid of the reflection I used the lasso tool to select the reflection.  I then went to Image>Fill and set it to content aware and Photoshop did the rest.  I used Color Efex Pro and Sharpener Pro to enhance it to the point that it was essentially what I saw with my one eyes.  Out of principle I tend to keep my landscape and nature shots as realistic to what my eyes saw as possible.  It is amazing what I was able to with just a few settings.

On the way to Calgary we went to the Frank Slide just on the other side of the crest of the Rockies Mountains.  We can see the remains of the landslide and the slowly flattening mountains in the distance below.


I used HDR Efex Pro.  I think that this does a very similar job to Photomatix Pro.  I think the Presets are better in HDR Efex Pro, but I think that ultimately Photomatix Pro is more powerful.

I saw this frame in Banff and was fascinated by the mountain on the right.  Take a look:




I did a little cropping first to get rid of the blurry tree.  I then used RAW Presharpener, Color Efex Pro to make it look more eye-popping, Dfine to remove noise, and finally Output sharpener to make it perfect.

Honestly this suite of tools is amazing.


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