Palouse and Rocks of Sharon

Last hike I went to hike the Iller Creek Trail.  It is in the Dishman Hills in Spokane Valley.  During the hike I got to see spectacular views of the Palouse, the Spokane Valley, and the Selkirk Mountains.

8W4A0164_5_6_PhotographicView of the Palouse from the Dishman Hills.  This is where the rolling hills of the Palouse really start.  I used Photomatix Pro and three photos to create this.


There were these impressive rock formations called the Rocks of Sharon on the hills.  Apparently there are fault lines which can be seen in them.  Again, Photomatix Pro was used.


Another angle of them.  Some of the rocks are pretty massive, but the perspective doesn’t show the massive size very well.  Again I used the Photomatix Pro.


There is a decent view of the Spokane Valley.  For some reason the trees looked like crap in all three of the shots combined in Photomatix Pro, and they still have a low amount of definition.


I like the way this one is composed.  It is an interesting angle.  It shows the rocks nestled in with the trees where normally only trees would be expected.


One more view of the Palouse on a cloudless day.


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